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Are You An Employee Or Are You A Contractor?

Latest Finance Information

It is hard to distinguish these two, especially in the state of Vermont but only until recently. Ever since June 23, this has not been a gray area anymore. It is because, on this date, the Vermont Supreme Court unanimously ruled that those who operate LLCs cannot possibly be employees. What does that make builders who are one-man business and are hired by other businesses? It means that they can finally catch a breath as they can ultimately remain independent businesses. But what happens when an independent contractor is hired as an employee? It means that labor rights and entrepreneurs have to struggle for the label of an independent contractor which will come into law in 2018 legislative session, most probably.

What Is Better For You Then?

So far, you could just as well register as a one-man business and follow the rules and regulations which are currently valid. It does not mean that things will not change in the future. We know that many contractors, in fact, are one man business, but they are frequently hired by other companies to do the work as employees. Luckily, the state of Vermont is fighting to find a solution to this problem and make sure these people have all their worker rights and regulations which will guarantee them their safety and their financial rights.

Registering Your Business

Latest Finance InformationIf you are interested in the procedure which is necessary to register your business, you are more than welcome to come to us. Not only that we will give you guidance in this and similar situations, but we will also help you establish your company. If you are uncertain about the financial aspect of the business or have any unanswered questions, our experts will be here to help you. We can also give excellent advice in all legal situations and write successful business plans. Moreover, if you need a loan to kick start or just start your business, you can also come to us as we know all the necessary procedures which the bank ask of loaners. We can also give great advice on latest finance tips for stabilizing your business in case of economic fluctuations. But most of all, we are here for latest news and advice on what is going on in Vermont with finances and economy.